Upper camp grocery storeOpening later in the afternoon, proof I was there!110 Leie St. This was home til 1960.Remodeled since the 50'sHui No'eau Visual Arts CenterReflection pondLooking out to Baldwin Ave. Enough space for several football fields.Entrance to Surfing Goats Dairy.Sakugawa's, still farming after all these years!Bahnahnahzzz!West Maui panorama.Noni fruit...One of the 30 varieties of sugar caneOcean organic vodkaThe state flagWould you be able to swim if entangled in this? No, so why do we expect whales to?Closed....but I was there!Oops, did the sign say 24 hr. surveillance? Busted or I found a blind spot in security.Tearful good bye to HC&S!