Zenfolio | Ralph Ogata Photography | Day Trip: Glenwood, WA.

Day trip with Jerry Roseburrough to Lyle up the Klickitat River, Klickitat Mineral Springs and Dry Ice Plant,Stinson Flats, Glenwood with a final stop at Husum Falls.
Yes, it's windy...Native American fishing platformHeld in high esteem and on a pedestalout of touch, ot focus, out of glass...Klicitat Mineral Springs and Dry Ice Planttook a peek inside...no ice!like all things, time takes its toll....LupineBalsam RootLilacPoison Oaktime and neglect....a crumbling facethe consummate rock houndimagine all decked out with tinsel, ornaments and gifts below....I took the box of choclats....a brick of gold it's not....Just for Howard Hawk