Zenfolio | Ralph Ogata Photography | August 29

Olinda: Peace and serenity away from all the tourista.Longhorn, but not from TexasHaiku: LandmarkUSPS: Haiku, HI. 96708Hookipa ParkWhile tourists took selfies, five honu  leisurely ate and swam among these rocks.The guardian of the graves"'Tis with loving hearts we greet thee, Maui High, our island school!"Can you hear the cheers of the pep rally's?Heading to the cafeteriaThe shade still comforts, but age hasn't been kind to the halls of our alma materWait awhile, you can still hear the laughter and clamor of students heading to classBait fishingPaia Mantokuji Soto Zen MissionPaia Rinzai Zen MissionTraffic Jam Maui style at the intersection of Hana Hwy and Haleakala Hwy.Nisei Veterans Museum Center: One Puka Puka ExhibitA measure of luck and love