Zenfolio | Ralph Ogata Photography | Battle Ground Harvest Nights

The pre registered early birdsBob's MachineGeepers creapers, where'd you get those peepers?Ever wonder why he has so many others tail gating him?Pontiac FireBirdChevy short block! Yes, it's loud and scoots!Believe me the rest of this beauty is just as fineCalling shot gun for Harvest Nights 2019, as long as I can get my butt up and over the sides.A reflective moment before the start of the cruiseLove anything in red because she photographs wellThe Bennett's oldie pick em up truck.240 or 260? She still got her looks.Heading west and then some...Never point your camera to a drone...it'll point right back at youWayne's found his spotTyler (aperture or shutter) ModeOver heated and pushed offBrian Bennett and The Man seek a more comfortable viewing spot along Main St.Along with dogs, cats and snakes, a furry bear showed up."Cuda For Sale!"